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My fifth album

Escaping from the busy everyday life, I took a journey backwards through time.
Long-forgotten scenes were spread out before me. To my amazement,
in retrospect, each scene appeared softly sparkling. In the distant future,
if I looked back on the present time with all the cares and worries,
it would be sparkling too.
The insight made me want to live my life more gratefully and consciously.
I expressed my nostalgic reflections in my 5th album.
I'm very happy you could enjoy listening to this album.
With a feeling of gratitude.

TracksiMy thoughts for each track.j
@P. Nostalgia
@Q. A light beginning
@R. In a pensive mood
@S. With an open heart
@T. Start !
@U. Game's over
@V. An origami crane
@W. A warm day off
@@@*5,6 : FM U-LaLa gManty Chida's SPORTS VIBRATIONh
@@@Opening, Ending Theme

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Tracks of the Album above were broadcast as follows:

@EFMRadio, J-Wave program, gMUSIC HYPER MARKETh
@EOn the "Sumaho de USEN"
@E5,6 : FM U-LaLa gManty Chida's SPORTS VIBRATIONh
@@Opening, Ending Theme
@EFlowerRadio program, Kounosu in Saitama Prefecture,
@@"Wimba pickup artists"

My thoughts for each track.

1. Nostalgia
This is the title track. Some time in 2015 when I looked back on my earlier life,
I expressed my nostalgic reflections at the time in this tune. I came to realize that
in spite of everything, there was something heart-warming in each occasion.
In the distant future, the very present time with all the cares and worries would be
sparkling too. The insight made me want to live my life more gratefully and consciously. The past is the present time that has gone by...
I became aware of how precious and valuable everyday life is. Every moment is given to us, over and over again; the future is the time that will come after the present...

2. A light beginning
When I start something new, I feel a little anxious, but am full of eager anticipation. (Leaving aside the reality I face afterwards...(^_^;) ) I walk lightly up the usual slope I haven't changed a bit; that's just the way I felt in my childhood...

3. In a pensive mood
How to get out of a pensive mood? I've tried this and that. You let yourself immerse in the mood and feel it completely - perhaps, that might be one way... 'I wish I knew!'

4. With an open heart
I'd never thought about being open-minded when I was a child. That made me wonder I am not always open-minded now... I've come to realize that from every perspective, it is very important and wonderful to be open-minded/open-hearted.

5. Start!
At a request, I composed the theme music for the radio program, FM U-LaLa "Manty Chida's SPORTS VIBRATION". This is the beginning tune. In the program, Manty Chida lively introduces and presents a sportscast. I wrote this tune from the images requested and the image of the word, vibration. I created various images in the title 'Start!': the start of this program, a start of a game, emotions/feelings full of excitement upon starting something new, a start of the future

6. Game's over
This is the ending tune of the radio program above. There were no requests, so I made this tune out of my memories in my teens when I was a member of the sport club. Win or lose, when a game's over, tears welled up in my eyes... I couldn't understand the meaning of the tears then. But then I was only a sensitive/impressionable girl in my teens...

7. An origami crane
I was really bad at holding origami to make even a simple thing. However, my grandma taught me patiently how to and I became able to make a crane. I have been holding cranes on various occasions ever since then. Although a crane is such a basic origami, I always admire the beauty of its shape. In joy or in sorrow, by holding a crane precisely and neatly, hold by hold, I feel I'm able to hold my feelings/thoughts into it. Thus holding origami into a crane, I pray for lasting peace...

8. A warm day off
My very best day off falls on a day right after completing a task. Happily, I'd idle my time away. That's a warm day off.