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My eleventh album
Home Time

Our lifestyles have changed dramatically under the influence of COVID-19, and home is now transformed into a place with multiple functions. Under such a circumstance, I just wish you could change your house and your mood as you imaginec :) I made this album with such a thought. I would be honored if you could use this gHome Timeh as background music to soothe your spirit.

TracksiMy thoughts for each track.j
@P. Scandinavian Glass Mobiles
@Q. While Listening to the Rain
@R. Wind from the Terrace
@S. Me Time
@T. Favorite Chair
@U. Clean up
@V. Tear in a Story
@W. Until We See Each Other Again

I am extremely grateful for the assistance
@you have provided in making this album.

@Designer(Illustration) : Ms. nonohanaihttps://creator.pixta.jp/@prof1145816j

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My thoughts for each track.

1. Scandinavian Glass Mobiles
A glass mobile as a decoration of the the windowsill. Looking at the glittering sun reflection makes us feel like a dream come true :D

2. While Listening to the Rain
t eases our heart to stay home when it rains. Itfs sentimental to listen to the rainc

3. Wind from the Terrace
It seems that people now enjoy sitting in their balcony or veranda as if they were in a nice terrace of a gveranda caf?" (because of the corona). You can sit back, have a cup of tea or a meal while in pleasant breeze.

4. Me Time
The time spent alone can also be the time to think of your life. You can have plans to energize yourself.

5. Favorite Chair
A fancy and comfy chair can also be picturesque as an interior design. If you have such a nice chair, you could relax! Sometimes just doze offc

6. Clean up
Stay at home means more chances to clean up! Picture a tidy room and clean up!

7. Tear in a Story
One of the pleasures of home time is to fully immerse ourselves in the world of movies and dramas.Stories can sometimes fill up our eyes with tears.

8. Until We See Each Other Again
As now we can't meet our important ones as we wish, once again we just realized how wonderful our old daily routine was- we took everything for granted. When we meet again, we hope that we can catch up on things with laughter and gratitude. And we all come to know we have to treasure our time.