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My first Album
A Moment of Warmth

Life isn't all fun. One day when I was looking up at the blue sky,
I felt very positive about life. I played my feelings then on the piano.
My title track ,"Looking up at the blue sky", was thus composed.
All pieces of music here were produced from my thoughts and feelings in my daily life.
I hope you enjoy listening to this album. With a feeling of gratitude

TracksiMy thoughts for each track.j
@PDLooking up at the blue sky
@RDNostalgic Wind
@TD"The Little Tern" by Brooke Newman
@VDGrandma's Dishes

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@ My thoughts for each track.

1. Looking up at the blue sky
Life isnft all fun. One day when I was looking up at the sky,
I felt very positive about life.
I played my feelings then on the piano.

2. Prayer
This was composed when I participated in the Great East
Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support.
My thoughts and prayer are with it.

3. Nostalgic Wind
Seeing beautiful photos of ancient cities had made me feel nostalgic.
So, I tried to travel backwards in time; I travelled backwards to my past
and then backwards far into the ancient past. I wondered how
the ancient people felt about@the same nostalgic windc
My imagination became this tune.

4. Freely
My philosophy book is gMoominh.
Ifve been getting a lot of insights from the Moomins
(fairy tale characters), even after I became an adult.
My image of the Moomin family was expressed in this tune.

5. gThe Little Ternh by Brooke Newman
After reading gThe Little Ternh which is like a picture book
with beautiful illustrations, this tune was composed.
A tern that suddenly found itself unable to fly encounters a friend
on the beach, and an impressive last scene...
Ifve read it many times, but Ifm not certain yet whether
Ifve understood it or not... this is a book of subtleties to me.

6. Candlelight
On Christmas Eve, I was given a chance to play the piano
in a local concert. Afterwards, I could enjoy the Candle Night event .
Looking at the gentle candlelight, I felt that my heart became warm.
I played my recollections of the beautiful night view on my piano
with my gratitude for the present as it is and also
with my prayer for the peaceful days ahead.

7. Grandmafs Dishes
My Grandma was a very good cook. Whenever I visited with her,
she cooked something delicious. In the kitchen, there was a simmering pot,
while we were kneading dough to bake bread ...
Her lovingly prepared food was always heartwarming and
the warm image became this tune.

8. Reminiscence
Looking back on my past life, I feel at times this world is not
a very agreeable place to live. But then, I came to realize
on such occasions how beautiful the sky, the trees, the water looked
and how things trivial gave me real joy.