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My twelfth album
A Moment of Warmth

I fancy a moment of warmth sometimes. When such a situation comes, I play the piano and create songs to express those feelings that words simply cannot tell. I would be delighted if you could listen to the songs as music for work and study.

TracksiMy thoughts for each track.j
@P. Empathy
@Q. The Brilliance of the Rising Sun
@R. When You Want Some Courage
@S. Memories of Snacks
@T. A Little Adventure
@U. Twilight Sceneries
@V. Itfs Ahead, Definitely
@W. Warm Light

I am extremely grateful for the assistance
@you have provided in making this album.

@Designer(Illustration) : Ms. nonohanaihttps://creator.pixta.jp/@prof1145816j

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@ My thoughts for each track.

1. Empathy
When you feel like offering help but you can do nothing- I do understand and share the same feelings with you. And, Ifm by your side though wefre apart. This is the message behind.

2. The Brilliance of the Rising Sun
The sun rises at the break of dawn, itfs so shiny and radiantc If you could take a deep breath in the clear air, good things do come to you :)

3. When You Want Some Courage
If someone supportively pushes your back when youfre ruled by worries and anxieties, you just feel empowered.

4. Memories of Snacks
This song was created after watching the drama gLion's Snackh (based on the novel gLion's Snackh by Ito OGAWA). The memories of "snack" is not only about the nostalgic taste but also the happy moments spent with our important ones.

5. A Little Adventure
When you pick up a challenge, even the small details are like thrilling, breathtaking, and exciting little adventures.

6. Twilight Sceneries
On the way home at dusk, the madder reddish sky changes into various colors in a blink of an eye. Pray t the first star you see.

7. Itfs Ahead, Definitely
Even when you're walking in a tunnel,
do believe that the end of the darkness is definitely aheadc

8. Warm Light
Itfs heart-warming looking at the lights leaking from the windows of other houses. gThank you for the day today!h